Can you share your husband?

A lady came by. Looking beautiful and smart. She has a decent job and is doing well at work, earning good money, having good savings and able to support her own self and family.

She dated this men for a few years before getting married. She knew he has issues with womanising when they were dating. He promised that it will never happen again. She believes and move on.

They got married in recent two years and yet to have children. Wife pays for most bills and home expenses while husband came home late every night from partying. He does not contribute financially or emotionally. Wife has to eat alone and work till late night so she don’t have to be home alone for too long.

Friends and family are deeply sadden.

Recently she found out he has another women he has been seeing for years. She is the same women they had issues with when they were dating. When confronted he denies of course. Argument ended without conclusion as always.

The question: Will he ever change to be better and come back to be a better husband?

The answer: Base on his chart. It will be hard. Percentage is very low. She may have to share a husband and she may risk him not changing for at least the next 20 odd years.

He is a very smart man. In fact smarter than her. He performs well at work and able to earn and save well. He keeps what he saves and he use others money. He has the ability to attract any women he wants at work and some recommended by friends. His peach blossom ( romance luck ) is so strong. His chart shows prominently he will have a wife, a mistress and he will still womanise. The wife brings him wealth where the mistress brings him success at work, while he dwells in short term fun with other ladies.

Bigger problem: The wife knows all that for a fact. She knew she is in denial. She know is wrong. She know what is the right thing to do but she is not doing it. She kept asking why he does that. I answer because that is him. I know for a fact that they both have very strong affinity with each other. For both of them to separate it would not be easy. She loves him very much no matter what he does to her and she agrees.

1. She has to share her husband; knowing husband may not be loyal for a very long time; lonely days; a lot of tears; unhappy with their marriage; criticize by friends and family but remain with the one she loves.
2. She leaves, liquidate all assets; go through the agony of separation; judge by the elders by not conforming to tradition; learn to pick up a new journey and find new direction.

These two choices may look easy but to the person affected, this is the hardest decision to make especially if it deals with matters of the heart.

Are you willing to share your husband if that is the only way you can remain as his wife?


About Belonging Naturally

Exploring the world with a new sight. Learnt the world can be a better place if we want it to be Life can be awesome if we decide it to be Life can be awesome if we understand our self better. Life is about learning. All good and bad lessons made us stronger, wiser and better. During my exploration to understand myself better, I learnt metaphysics, tarot reading and energy healing. It was an awesome journey.
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