Gastronomic Gathering of Strangers

I have always wanted to join a random party, random event, random something… I have been thinking about it and do nothing. Hence the 4 of cups. Many ideas, constant thinking, sit down do nothing.

Thanks to Jay my above wants been realized. A friend and organizer i met at Burts Bee event who assist in initiating the dinner. Then i thought hey why don’t i invite a few more random friends i adore. Everything else was arrange and organized by Jay. All i did was recommended The Huck’s Cafe and grab a few more of my beloved friends.

The Huck’s cafe has really yummy food but it’s somewhat different from the average cafe.

Why? Because…..

It’s not really a restaurant you find in an average shop lot somewhere. It’s a bungalow in some housing area. You have to make advance reservation. You have to pay deposit 3 days in advanced. You have to order in advance. No last minute cancellation and deposit not refundable. There isn’t a fixed price but a price range between RM88++ to RM150

Best of all the food are fresh and made from scratched. The food are very different and taste great~!

AppetizerThe appetizer are fish crackers with homemade Chilly paste mixture. Was not paying too much attention as i was too excited to talk to everyone. Well 😛



The soup. Two choices. Mushroom or Pumpkin? I choose mushroom as pumpkin is not my absolute favorite. Then i a spoon from Jay’s Pumpkin Soup. Then i found that i love the pumpkin soup more. That definitely changes my liking for pumpkin.


The mains. There isn’t really a name for each of the dish. The choice is either, chicken, beef, lamb or seafood. I took a bite from all of my friend’s dishes for taste anyway 🙂

Jeffrey had Beef. It looks like Beef Goulash Pie? It’s alright but i find the Beef a little too chewy. Not as tender as i would have liked.



Yap has seafood. Seafood Spaghetti. I think this is the best tasting dish of all 6. The sauce tasted very different. I thought it was just tomato puree but it has great spices. The clams are delicious. Spaghetti are cooked al dente just the way i like ’em…


Jo had a Salmon Steak. The Salmon is fresh. Crispy on the outside, flavorful  and juicy in the inside. * Jo was very quiet* She likes Yap’s Seafood Spaghetti too.



Hung Leng had chicken. It’s like a chicken Schnitzel. It has some herbs, spiced tomato puree at the base and fresh blueberries as toppings. YES… Blueberries. The dish looks very fun like how a child may like them. I like the flavor of the sauce, the chicken is juicy but still feel a little common.


Jay had the lamb. Lamb Shank alike. It looks plain and simple but has great spices and creamy. Love the mash potato. The taste can be a little overkill if taken too much.



I had seafood as well. It’s like a seafood pad thai. Angel hair spaghetti with prawns and scallops. Very flavorful. I love my dish too……



DessertsThere are 6 types of dessert. Chocolate Brownie and ice cream, Durian ice-cream cake, chocolate and nuts cake, Creme Brulee, Yogurt and Pineapple, Kahlua and chocolate ice-cream.



Dessert I LOVE especially the CREME BRULEE …. creamy but not too buttery. Not overpower by the taste of eggs. The sugar aren’t too burnt, it is crunchy and thin enough to compliment the taste. The only thing i didn’t taste is the durian. I don’t fancy the taste and smell of durian since i turn 16. Don’t know why.

Everyone else love the Durian ice-cream cake, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Brownie and ice cream and lastly the Kahlua and chocolate ice cream.

Hung Leng, me, Josephine Jeffrey, Yap, Jay

Hung Leng, me, Josephine
Jeffrey, Yap, Jay

Range from 88++ to 150++

Range from 88++ to 150++




About Belonging Naturally

Exploring the world with a new sight. Learnt the world can be a better place if we want it to be Life can be awesome if we decide it to be Life can be awesome if we understand our self better. Life is about learning. All good and bad lessons made us stronger, wiser and better. During my exploration to understand myself better, I learnt metaphysics, tarot reading and energy healing. It was an awesome journey.
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