A Triangular Temptation

Another interesting love story. Or is it complicated?

A lovely young lady. Look a little frail, a little tired. Somewhat pale.

I opened a full spread for a full consultation spread. Total of 12 cards. But the below are lined in a row.

File:Swords03.jpgFile:Cups03.jpgFile:RWS Tarot 15 Devil.jpg

She came to me with a question about relationship. I was very surprised and somewhat heartfelt wondering how should i explain this! Before going into any conclusion, i ask the seeker what do you want to know about relationship.

She ask will it last?Well i said, it depends on you. What has happened has happened, can you accept and move on?

Upon hearing the phrase both her hand cupped her face and tears starts welling up. She said i can forgive but will it happen again? I said perhaps.

Then she calm down and explained.
“I am married and i have a baby now. (I Gasp! Did i just say something wrong because i thought i heard she is pregnant now) My baby is now 11 months and i found out about another women during my confinement. I went berserk ( OK, she knows what happened already. Phew~!). We have been arguing for months now. He is in another country. He apologized and asked me to trust him. He said he did not make any huge mistakes and he still loves her and the baby. He wants to get past this and never repeat the mistake again. Is it true what he says?”

So i checked his bazi to confirm before i say anything else.

Jia Yin

Well, an indication that it may happen again. There is a hidden element between the spouse palace (Day) and career palace (Month).

Possible problem in relation to women he met at work. These women normally can help him in career and assist him to grow.

Jo from Bazi Chic also mentioned, he is the kind who likes to have fun. More challenges next year too ( For more Bazi analysis you can head on to Bazi Chic)

Therefore i proceed to asked if she loved him and if he is a good husband to her. She said ‘Aside from this i could be the happiest women in the world, he gives me everything and she loves me very much’

Then i follow to asked, is this sufficient? She answered yes.

Then i asked if it happens again, what will she do. She said ‘i don’t know because i love him and i don’t want to lose everything but i can’t accept 100s of lovey messages in a day”

Well, there isn’t too huge a problem. You see, she has to learn to accept that he is the kind who has a higher affinity with friends compared to spouse. Friends place an important status in his life and respecting his friend is important. Ultimately there isn’t a fairy tale ending to this but it’s about what you can accept and what is your limit. Since there isn’t perfection, then what flaws in a relationship that you can accept? We cannot change his character. So?

It’s a take it or leave it situation here unfortunately. Respect his friends and build a friendship with his friends. Confronting the other women is not going to solve the problem instead the husband feels that you embarrassed him and degrade his friends. I know it isn’t fair right? However this seem to be the case now. She cannot accept betrayal but she don’t want to give up this relationship (for now).

She has to decide:
She is going to learn to accept the fact that it may possibly happen again. As long as he treats her well, provides for the family, loves her and the baby, everything else close one eye. Ideally no more events/issues like this of course. It’s also important to upgrade her value as a spouse. Well this is another long story. To be continue in another article. Will post one hopefully soon 🙂


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Exploring the world with a new sight. Learnt the world can be a better place if we want it to be Life can be awesome if we decide it to be Life can be awesome if we understand our self better. Life is about learning. All good and bad lessons made us stronger, wiser and better. During my exploration to understand myself better, I learnt metaphysics, tarot reading and energy healing. It was an awesome journey.
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