Am I Making Progress in Life

I attended a number of courses on spirituality. First to understand more about myself and ultimately for joy and freedom of mind.

As time goes by, I’ve heighten my senses, my intuition. I am able to connect more with myself and the energy surrounding and within me. Eventually I’ve reached a plateau. It is not because I am not progressing. It was fear thinking I have plateaued.

Everyone is progressing, but everyone progress differently. The destination is the same ultimately. The route we each chose to travel on is unique.

One faithful day, I began receiving messages from the universe to withdraw from all workshop and courses. Seek knowledge from within and in books, first master what I have learned from the courses I attended. I began to feel insecure and unguided without attending these courses. I would prefer to be at the same place and state as my enlighten friends. I asked the Universe again and again to send me signs.  Yet, I receive similar messages from different forms and people telling me “It’s alright, follow the flow”

The most vivid image was when I pull a card from Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish. *Thanks Jess*

It may be dark and wild in the forest. It’s guided. The fairies are around you. There is a secret path in front of you. Follow the path. There is light beyond the path.

Look at the drop of hints along the path. It’s all in the grasp of your hand.

There is a strong message telling me “Do not be afraid. Explore…..Walk… Go..”

With this message I hang on and continue to explore the unknown. I have to learn ‘trust’. Trust my intuition, my beliefs and the voice within.  My teacher Sherwin advise “you have to be able to separate intuition and fear

Then I met this brilliant friend Kenneth Yee at a workshop from Pao ArtStudio. I healed a part of my childhood during the workshop. Thanks to Pao for setting the space and teaching the tools. Thanks to Kenneth for helping me found the trigger. I learnt a few very useful things from, Kenneth.

We exchange spiritual knowledge and views. Then I shared the above concern with him. He thought me how to keep track of my progress. The little wins to let me know I am indeed progressing.

He advise me to make a list of what I have done and how I have progressed on a quarterly basis. What I learnt and what I gain along the way. Then I thought, oh yea, why didn’t I thought of that. *smacks head*

So, I am going to make the list today. From Jan 2016 till now, May 2016. Writing gratefulness note daily is one thing. This is something similarly as important. It’s an additional gratefulness exercise for myself to be grateful off. *WIDE SMILE*


About Belonging Naturally

Exploring the world with a new sight. Learnt the world can be a better place if we want it to be Life can be awesome if we decide it to be Life can be awesome if we understand our self better. Life is about learning. All good and bad lessons made us stronger, wiser and better. During my exploration to understand myself better, I learnt metaphysics, tarot reading and energy healing. It was an awesome journey.
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  1. Lay Hoon says:

    Thanks for the inspiration post


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