Food Nourishment with Love

I use to ask, why bother to prepare pretty looking food. I barely have time for sleep. Why would people go through so much hassle to decorate their food. Just to take a picture and ruin it all when they eat it? Helloooo People??

I can understand if you are eating in a restaurant and the chef serves you pretty looking food  but it is for the price you pay. It was mind boggling at that time. A thought it was a waste of time and I don’t get it.

When i began to take care of my body with love and care early in the year, i started to add and replace more fresh food to my diet. I did tonnes of research often on how to have nutritious, simple, time effective, cost effective meals.

I also come across the article from MindBodyGreen about the “Holistic Sunday Ritual You Need to Manifest Abundance”. It further remind me to love in the language, food, thoughts and behaviour. We can contribute as little as an hour of sacred time once a week or in a day to pamper self. Then i thought, hey, preparing my meals can also be my Holistic Ritual.

Then i began putting a little more love to my food like this Green Tea Latte Chia Seed Pudding. I already have most of these ingredients. I just put them together with love and thoughts. It taste so good. It looks beautiful. And i love it. Not much needed to make these dainty little breakfast. It’s more than food for the camera, it’s food for the soul. It’s love we put in the food we eat and feed our body. The love and nourishment is one of the best thing we can give our body.

Made breakfast with love.Fill our food with love and gratitude to nourish our body. Your body, mind and soul can feel your love. Have a blessed Tuesday everyone! Green Tea Latte Chia seed Pudding My fav Green Tea Latte is from Gems Coffee. Never knew they can taste so good. After months it's still the only one I love by far. Absolutely love the taste, the sweetness, fragrance and creaminess. My twice weekly indulgence bought from Ben's Publika. I use it for puddings, rolled oats, Chia seed drinks and etc. It compliments my love for food and made my week happy. #breakfast #chiaseed #chiaseedpudding #matcha #pecan #wolfberries #almond #pistachio #driedlongan #greentealatte #gemsbeverages #gemsbeveragegreentealatte #indulgence #tuesday #greentea #tumericpowder

Green Tea Latte Chia Seed Pudding

Makes 2 mini portion
It is full of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants.

250ml Green Tea Latte (from Gems Coffee, PJ – Can be found at Ben’s Independent Grocer Publika )
2.5-3 Tablespoon Chia Seed
1 Tablespoon Linwoods seeds and nuts (bought from Ben’s Independent Grocer Publika)
1/4 Teaspoon Matcha Powder
A pinch of Tumeric Powder ( from Love Earth)
Mix nuts: Pistachio, Pecan, Almond, Wolf-berries, Dried Longan

1. Prepare with love and blessings
2. Soak Chia Seed with Green Tea Latte 30 minutes.
(I prefer to soak them a day before in a jar and spoon em out to prepare this dainty breakfast)
3. Layer the rest of the ingredients on top of the pudding to your liking.

You can prepare these in advance and store in the fridge.

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